Chapter Officers


Consul – The Consul is the president or CEO of the chapter. He presides over chapter meetings and other chapter affairs and activities, and is responsible for the security of the charter, Ritual and Ritualistic materials.

Pro Consul – The Pro Consul serves as vice president or chief operating officer of the chapter, and he works closely with the Consul in carrying out chapter operations. He is chairman of the chapter’s executive committee, and directs the Post Initiation Training (P.I.T.) programs for each group of new initiates. The Pro Consul coordinates the work of the chapter committees and serves as their liaison between the chapter and executive committee.

Annotator – The Annotator keeps accurate records, reports and minutes of chapter meetings and transcribes those records into the chapter minute book. He maintains the chapter’s bylaws, administrative files and records, including the chapter’s permanent record of member data. He also coordinates the chapter programs in campus and community service and philanthropy, and he handles chapter public relations and publicity.

Quaestor – The Quaestor is the treasurer of the chapter. He is responsible for collecting and safeguarding all funds due to the chapter, as well as preparing the budget before the start of the chapter’s fiscal year and presenting it to the chapter’s executive committee, members and advisors for approval. He also provides monthly and semiannual financial reports to Headquarters, advisors and the chapter’s Grand Praetor.

Magister – The Magister prepares the pledge brothers for Initiation into Sigma Chi. He must gain member support and involvement in the program. He directs and conducts a chapter program that instills in the pledges the ideals of Sigma Chi, and he develops their pride in and commitment to the Fraternity through lessons of learning, participation and responsibility. The Magister must enforce, along with all members of the chapter, the Fraternity’s prohibition of hazing or any activities that are embarrassing, trivial, deceptive, demeaning or contradictory to academic responsibilities or Sigma Chi’s ideals and policies. He may assist the Pro Consul in P.I.T. and should attend Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.